Donem resposta a les necessitats dels diferents agents de la societat en la prevenció i gestió de residus.

// Societat #ResiduZero  //


On the basis of this decree, it will not be possible to use bottled water (in any type of single-use container, even glass) at events and municipal dependencies and the use of tap water will be encouraged, replacing the existing water dispensers. In return, the consistory will distribute a glass jar to all municipal workers.

Link about it: https://www.ccma.cat/324/lajuntament-de-barcelona-suprimeix-els-gots-de-plastic-i-laigua-envasada/noticia/2908052/?fbclid=IwAR3cePuesTH21nM-Q_wuQTkEfdomdVVWJbv1HBCddsykdl4MsFvuoT7drJI